Chistes de Gringos Para Gringos

Gracias a Eduardo Zeron por estos divertidos chistes de Gringos para Gringos y no olviden si quieren colaborar ustedes tambien pueden enviar su aportacion a

-- Why there are not coups-d'etat in USA?
-- Because there is not American Embassy there.

--How many Americans does it take for changing a light bulb.
-- Nobody knows, they have to call a Mexican because theydo not even know how to change a light bulb.

--A bunch of New-Yorkers, Texans and Californians are flying,but the airplane crashes in the mountains, who is save?
-- The humanity.

-- How do you make the perfect business.
-- You buy an American in what he is really worth,and you sell him in what he thinks he is worth,
-- Better, you sell him by the kilogram.

--What is cannibalism?
-- An American eating at kentucky Fry Chicken.

-- How do you call a son-of-a-bitch in Mexico?
-- You do not call him, he comes by himself in spring-break.

-- What is the scientific name for an open mind American.
-- Compound Skull Fracture.

-- If you see a rat and an American drowning in a swimming pool,what do you do?, do you read the newspaper or take a coffee?

-- Why there is not famine in the USA?
-- Because God never punishes twice,being American is punishment enough.

-- How do you call an American kid under drugs?
-- Future Marine.

-- One village in Texas had a rumour going around: a girl was found murdered near their village. Fearing a mob attack, the local Mexican workers gathered together. Suddenly, another Mexican came runningup, and cried, "Wonderful news, Wonderful news!, The murdered girl was Mexican!"

-- An old Mexican in California is on his deathbed:
-- "My children, remember to defend the African Americans."
-- "Why African Americans, daddy?"
-- "Because if they are gone, we will be next."

Q: Jose, what is a fortune?
A: A fortune is to have my Green card.
Q: And what's a misfortune?
A: A misfortune is to have such a fortune.